Dr. Xiucheng Fan. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Florida, USA. Education: Dr. Fan completed his Medical BSc education from Shenyang Medical College and Entitled Doctor of Internal Medicine and Attending Physician of Internal Medicine by Shenyang Bureau of Health, Liaoning Province, China. He earned his MS degree on Physiology and Nutritional Genomics from Wageningen University, Netherlands. He earned his PhD degree on Biochemistry/Experiment Oncology from University of Basel, Switzerland. Experience: He has intensive experience in different areas of biomedical research and basic research, to name a few: cancer biology, breast cancer biomarker biscovery, ovarian cancer chemotherapy resistance study, haematopoiesis, and etc. Publication: Since 2008, 16 papers published in peer-reviewed journals like NAR, J Cell Biochem, J Cancer Res Clin Oncol, Transfusion, Oncogene, and etc.International collaboration: Dr. Fan also played instrumental role in different promising international collaborative research network with China, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. Editorial Experience: He is editorial board member of other 3 International Journals